Are you searching for a great MBA institute in Mumbai where you will not just master management concepts but also get the confidence to communicate fluently? Here’s what you should be looking at in a B School of your choice.

Most institutes will focus on classroom teaching and presentations, but few will groom you to meet the requirements of the Industry 4.0 revolution. The best MBA institutes in Mumbai go beyond traditional teaching methods. They train students to communicate well and crack the GDs and PIs confidently. This happens not just through GD PI training, but is embedded in innovative teaching learning pedagogy throughout the course. For instance, at Kohinoor Management School’s PGDM course, the communication of students is developed through vocabulary games and role plays which they are expected to participate in. Over and above subject presentations, students are encouraged to read books on varied subjects and present their learning through Book Review competitions and other forums which requires them to communicate. Short videos on topics related to communication are analysed and students are groomed to contribute their views and express them in a manner that is at par with industry standards.

In Kohinoor Management School (KMS), members of the industry are also invited to conduct guest lectures to familiarise students with different types of formal communication. By interacting with strangers and by asking questions, students thus develop the confidence to express themselves, in a formal manner and understand the dos and don’ts of interacting in front of large audiences.  A student from KMS shared how participating in the G20 summit improved her confidence manifold, since she was given opportunities to interact with delegates from varied nationalities and statures. A great B school will also give students a good exposure to networking opportunities. Since networking is key to communication, students at Kohinoor Management School are also taught how to express themselves clearly and follow etiquette on social media. In fact, students are urged to write posts on platforms like LinkedIn, to inculcate the writing habit.

There are a host of innovative ways that the top B Schools in Mumbai are adopting to improve the communication skills of students. Sound knowledge of Management is definitely required for a professional to succeed. However, imagine if you don’t have the skills to communicate this knowledge. While shortlisting the top MBA college in Mumbai, make sure that you actively look into this important factor.

Ms. Minouti Naik, Assistant
Professor, Communication and Soft Skills, Kohinoor Management School