Learning Resource Centre

Our Knowledge Center is an invaluable resources for our students, researchers and faculty. It provides relevant, authoritative and up-to-date information on almost any subject. The library has built a robust collection of thousands of books, bound volumes, journals and news papers, working papers and many other resources like thesis, student’s project reports, CDs and videos.

  • Over 6000 volumes covering management and allied subjects.
  • Over 30 print journals subscription available with KBS.
  • “Proquest” – an online database of over 200,000 journals and magazines.
  • Rich Collections of CDs, Audio visual material
  • Vast collection of case studies.
  • Good collection of training manuals.
  • Leading news/business/financial papers in India.
  • Online line data bases and specialized information on various topics.
  • International journals and magazines for reading at library.
  • Data base search facilities at members request.