Understanding Mega Trends in Global Finance

Dr. Angelina Pramova, Global Head of Business Development Investment Solution, Allfunds Bank, conducted a workshop at KBS-KMS, sharing her insights on mega trends in global finance and creating opportunities and strategies for India.

The focus was on the top 3 investment theses

AI and blockchain

  • A big banking disruption
  • The era of tokenization
  • Blockchain = a decentralized system

Deglobalisation and Investment dynamics

  • A reverse trend also called selective globalisation
  • A shift from outsourcing to insourcing


  • The rise of ESG which is a strong global movement
  • Focus on two key areas


Green bonds

The students, faculty, alumni and industry professionals, who attended the wotkshop, had a wonderful time interacting with Dr Angelina Pramova and gaining comprehensive knowledge in the domain of finance.