Joining Hands for Better Learning Opportunities

KET’s Schools of Management – KBS-KMS, signed an MOU with the Maharashtra Economic Development Council (MEDC), thereby creating numerous learning opportunities for students. The MOU will also be crucial for opening up research endeavours for our faculty and students.
MEDC is an economic think tank which assists the State and Central governments and urban local bodies, in economic and social development. It is the only organisation, focussing its attention on Maharashtra in particular, and India in general, to achieve a rapid and balanced economic and industrial development of our State, with a focus on infrastructure development, balanced regional development, education and skill development, tourism and hospitality development, agriculture and water management, economic growth and human development.
This collaboration will help students of KBS and KMS, to undertake small research projects that would further contribute to the large project assigned by MEDC. Apart from this, the MOU will also facilitate faculty and students, to conduct joint research, along with the MEDC Team. These are a few among numerous other possibilities of collaborative activities, planned between KET’s Schools of Management – KBS-KMS and MEDC. Looking forward to a long and engaging association.