KET’s Schools of Management organises Workshop on ‘Branding Yourself on LinkedIn’

Networking and enhancing one’s professional reach has become the need of the hour, across all industries and professions, and the education sector is no exception. To enable our faculty to build and grow their network, and to facilitate them access to greater academic opportunities in Higher Education, for collaboration with students, academicians and industry professionals, KET’s Schools of Management, conducted a workshop on ‘Branding Yourself on Linkedin’.

The facilitator was Ms. Komal Sanghvi, CEM, MyUniPartner, Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

The workshop emphasised on how to set up an effective digital profile, and more importantly, how optimise it. Ms. Sanghvi elaborated upon the use of different tools for networking and systematically explained the use of each tool and its purpose. Moreover, the workshop was hands-on and was made very engaging through the numerous examples given by Ms Sanghvi, to aid understanding. A great learning experience for all participants, the workshop, through its takeaways, will surely open up newer areas of exploration in academics, and is yet another step in the direction of fostering greater industry academia engagement.