IIM Mumbai experts offer Path – breaking Insights on Research and Innovations in Teaching at a Faculty Development Workshop

World class domain experts from the IIM Mumbai, a name that is synonymous with excellence in research and teaching in quality education, addressed participants in a Faculty Development Workshop organised by Kohinoor Business School and Kohinoor Management School on campus. The tone for the workshop on Innovations in Teaching and Research in a Disruptive Environment was set by Dr V S Parthasarathy, Independent Director, Cloudnine Group of Hospitals, LIC, NIIT, industry professional par excellence and a Member, Board of Governors, IIM Mumbai. Thereafter, Upasna A Agarwal, Professor, Organisation Behaviour and Human Resource Management, IIM Mumbai, and Prof Nikhil Mehta, Associate Professor, Organisation Behaviour and Human Resource Management, IIM Mumbai, addressed the participants

Key takeaways from the workshop:

  • Qualities that both teachers and researchers need to nurture, to embark on their personal and professional journeys
  • Reasons for pursuing research
  • How to pursue research in a fulfilling and enjoyable manner
  • Niche and interesting areas of the research in areas of communication and transactional analysis
  • Ways of acknowledging and appreciating the diversity in learners and tailoring andragogy

The participants expressed that they got the unique opportunity to listen to novel perspectives from IIM Mumbai faculty members, which will definitely go a long way in determining their journey as educators and researchers. KBS and KMS express their heartfelt gratitude to Dr V S Parthasarathy, Upasna A Agarwal and Prof. Nikhil Mehta for their efforts in making the Faculty Development Workshop successful and for offering new directions for researchers and educators to explore.