A Reception ‘Beyond Words’ to a knowledgeable and Engaging Workshop

Dr Preeti Shirodkar, Associate Professor, Communication and Soft Skills, KBS, conducted an engaging half day workshop, bearing the title ‘Words and Beyond: Making Language Work for You!’, for the teachers of VPM’s Vidya Mandir School, Dahisar. Over 50 teachers from pre-primary, primary and secondary school, teaching English, Hindi, Marathi, Sanskrit, History, Geography, Maths and Science attended the workshop. Through her presentation, Dr Shirodkar spoke about the importance of language in making a subject interesting for students. The insights and practical tips given by Dr Shirodkar were appreciated by all the attendees, who gave a very positive feedback and commended her efforts in imparting knowledge to them. KET’s Schools of Management have always believed in contributing their talent and efforts, for the betterment of the education fraternity and varied stakeholders of the society. The response of teachers to this workshop, conducted by Dr Shirodkar, is symbolic of the expertise we have at KBS and our desire to share our knowledge for a win-win situation for all, in furthering the agenda of NEP.