KET’s Schools of Management signs MOU with Association of Business Leaders & Entrepreneurs (ABLE), Mumbai

KET’s Schools of Management (KBS and KMS) signed an MOU with Association of Business Leaders & Entrepreneurs (ABLE), thus entering into a collaboration with them in order to strengthen the industry-academia relationship. Delegate from ABLE, Mr. Neel Ramesh, Founder and Promoter – ABLE visited KET’s Schools of Management, to formalise this partnership, between the two organisations. Some of the activities that were outlined as a part of the collaboration were conducting collaborative training programmes, research and consulting projects, joint conferences, seminars etc.

The signing of the MoU was completed in the presence of CA. Sunil. G. Karve, Hon. Chairman, Governing Board, KET, Dr. Sandeep Sawant, Director, Kohinoor Management School, Dr. Svetlana Tatuskar, Director, Kohinoor Business School, Dr. Bharati Deshpande, Dean Kohinoor Business School, Dr. Niyat Shetty, Associate Professor, Kohinoor Business School, Dr. Joyee Chatterjee, Assistant Professor Kohinoor Management School and Prof. Venkati Muttapa, Assistant Professor Kohinoor Management School. There was also a discussion about challenges faced by MSMEs and SMEs in India and ways in which this collaboration could be a growth catalyst for these sectors. This collaboration will unlock new opportunities for industry-academia engagement, thereby creating avenues for strengthening the industry-academia bond. Looking forward to a mutually enriching relationship!