Innovative Teaching Practices at KET’s Schools of Management

A ‘Mock-Stock’ workshop was conducted by our faculty Tushar Sadakal. This equipped students with the knowledge of how to trade in the market, how to choose a stock for investment, what is the best time to trade and how to select strike price. All this was done using live market data, live market data applications and analytics, price action 5 EMA Strategies Candlestick patterns scalping Straddle and Strangle strategy. Moreover, the tricks and tips also helped students during their internship. They became self-sufficient and confident and could explore the market, which they would have otherwise considered beyond their reach, both literally and metaphorically. Tushar Sadakal says- “I am glad that I could give wings to the students’ dreams” .

Thank you AIMS for recognising this student centric initiative by KET’s Schools of Management.