Industry Connect at KET’s Schools of Management: Ms. Tulika Bhushan talks about the Importance of Creating an Individual USP

Ms. Tulika Bhushan, a distinguished guest speaker addressed the students of Kohinoor Management School, Batch of 2023-2025. The session was truly enlightening for our students, as she shared insights about her role in the organisation, her career path, the VUCA world, her learning throughout her career, understanding the varied HR roles etc. During the conversation, she also shared with the students about how to manage stress in the workplace and the importance of learning during the PGDM course, before entering the corporate world.

Moreover, she also touched upon the importance of defining one’s career path and tapping opportunities around, work – life balance, multiple roles of life like motherhood and how to balance these roles in a professional manner. She emphasised on building one’s own brand (Individual USP) each day and staying strong, deep rooted and humble throughout one’s journey. It was an enriching experience for the students who took the opportunity to engage in a dialogue with Ms. Bhushan. All queries and questions, which came up during the course of the talk,were addressed aptly, thereby culminating in a great learning experience for the students.