Aur Karvaan Badhta Gaya: Human Library Event at KET’s Schools of Management

KET’s Schools of Management’s Learning Resource Centre organised a Human Library on films called Filmy Karvaan. A Human Library is based on the premise that an individual or a group of individuals who possess knowledge about a particular subject of their interest are like books from which one seeks knowledge. The persons with whom they share their knowledge are called readers. Based on this concept, a Human Library was conducted by Dr Niyat Shetty, Faculty KBS and Ms Minouti Naik, Faculty, KMS. Through interactive games aimed at sharing trivia and lesser known facts about films, Dr Niyat Shetty and Ms Minouti Naik shared their passion for Indian films with the participants. Moreover, they also suggested some must-watch films for management students. Attractive Bollywood related props and fancy takeaway badges with famous dialogues from films added to the fun element of the event. The event was conducted with the support of Ms Jayashri Mawale, Librarian, Learning Resource Centre, KET’s Schools of Management and the Library Staff.