Gender Sensitisation

Annual Gender Sensitisation Action Plan :

  1. Orientation session at the beginning of the program
  2. Celebration of Women’s Day
  3. Talk by Students/expert on role of woman in the changing environment

Safety and Security

  1. Security guard at key locations
  2. Mandatory Identity cards
  3. CCTV cameras
  4. First aid box
  5. Firefighting system
  6. KBS has institutionalized internal complaints committee for prevention, prohibition and redressal of sexual harassment of employees and students.
  7. Sakhi boxes placed

a) Counselling

Kohinoor Education Trust has appointed a counsellor

b) Common Room

Separate common rooms for boys and girls.

Other relevant information

  1. Institute Celebrates ‘International’s Woman’s Day’ with zeal and enthusiasm
  2. Committee as per AICTE/UGC guidelines
    • Anti-Ragging Committee
    • Grievance Redressal Committee
    • Internal Complaints Committee
    • Women Development Committee

All the above committees have representation from students.