Sessions by academicians, focus group discussion and the valedictory address enthrall and educate participants, in the FDP organised by KET’s Schools of Management

As a part of the FDP bearing the title Bridging the Industry-Academia Expectations Gap in Communication, organised by KET’s Schools of Management, sessions were conducted by academicians Dr Preeti Shirodkar, Associate Professor, Communication and Soft Skills, KET’s Schools of Management and Ms Minouti Naik, Assistant Professor, Communication and Soft Skills, KET’s Schools of Management. Dr Shirodkar, in her presentation bearing the title – Bridging the Communication Divide: Challenges and Solutions, contextualised the problem by highlighting the challenges of educators. She spoke through her experience of teaching and training students at varied levels, over the past 30 plus years. She also delineated practical solutions that one could introduce in one’s teaching, to bridge the industry-academia expectations gap. On the other hand, Ms. Minouti Naik, in her presentation bearing the title – Experiences And Experiments: Simple Ideas from a Communication Teacher, spoke about the need to make a few mindset changes, as an educator, in order to brace oneself to deal with the changing dynamics in the classroom. She also shared a few resources that participants could use in their classrooms, to help their students, both understand and enjoy the process and method of communicating effectively. Another significant part of the FDP was a focus group discussion, where participants contributed and exchanged ideas on what they encounter in their classrooms, and what could be the possible ways to address these issues. The FDP concluded by a very thought stirring valedictory address, delivered by Prof. P. K. Mishra, an accomplished and experienced industry professional and an erudite academician from KET’s Schools of Management. Through his experience of serving the industry, in diverse capacities and teaching and interacting with numerous students, Prof. Mishra opined that the industry-academia expectations gap cannot be wiped out. However one can focus on minimising it. He also spoke very passionately about the fact that communication is attitudinal and a person needs to sense its value. All in all, the two-day FDP witnessed some great and illuminating discussions and participants shared, by way of a feedback, that the FDP gave rise to some really great food for thought and helped them to brainstorm and discuss ways to approach cryptic issues in the communication space.