Interactive Discussion with industry professionals generates a lot of food for thought at the FDP organised by KET’s Schools of Management

KET’s Schools of Management organised a two-day FDP bearing the title Bridging the Industry-Academia Expectations Gap in Communication. One of the sessions in the FDP was dedicated to an interactive discussion between members of the industry and the participants. Mr. Rohan Mehra, Mr. Aashish Punjabi, Mr Sachin Nair and Ms. Jignyasa Jadhav shared their experiences at the forum and shed light on the skills that the industry expects students to possess. Having been students not very long ago they were able to speak about expectations, challenges and ways of tackling them from both ends of the spectrum – the academic and the industry.

While, on the one hand, the experts shared what they perceive as expectation gaps, on the other hand, they also spoke about ways of addressing this gap. Since many of them are also educators and entrepreneurs, and keep interacting with their alma mater in varied capacities, their views were very crucial to the participants, since they stemmed from a deep understanding of the expectations gap. Their insightful suggestions would surely prove to be very useful to the participants, in drawing a roadmap for educators to make their pedagogy even more robust.