Delegates from Daffodil International University, Dhaka, Bangladesh, have an intellectually and culturally stimulating experience at KET’s Schools of Management

As part of the Student Mobility Programme, four students and a Research Associate from Daffodil International University-DIU, Dhaka, Bangladesh, visited KET’s Schools of Management. On Day 1, they partook of an interactive and informative session, aimed at enhancing their Communication and Soft Skills. This session which was exclusively designed for the students, keeping in mind their professional growth path and was conducted by Dr. Preeti Shirodkar (She/Her) and Ms. Minouti Naik. Later, the delegates were also given a campus tour, where they got to see the infrastructure, resources and facilities that we have on campus. Apart from engaging with the delegates on campus, they were also given an opportunity to visit varied places of interest, in the city of dreams. Dr. Dr. Niyat Shetty and Dr.Vaishali Pardeshi accompanied the students to Nehru Science Centre, where they got to witness science marvels and exhibitions, displaying various facts about Science and Indian scientists. The delegates were also taken to Prithvi Theatre, a buzzing culture hub in Mumbai, to attend an ‘Open Mic’ session, which included songs, dance and other solo creative performances. The student delegates were both impressed with and in awe of the diversity that Mumbai represents. While on the one hand, they were thrilled with the experiences they could enjoy on Day 1, on the other hand, they eagerly looked forward to what KET’s Schools of Management had planned for them on Day 2 of their visit.

In the first half of the Day 2, students visited Project Revitalisation – A Dry Waste Management and Recycling Centre set up and managed by Samarth Bharat Vyaspeeth in Thane. The students along with Dr. Vaishali Pardeshi and Ms. Jayashri Mawale also visited Signal Shala, an innovative initiative conceptualised by Samarth Bharat Vyaspeeth, to provide education to underprivileged children, living on signals in Thane, Maharashtra. The students of DIU, Dhaka were impressed with the facilities provided by the school, and how resources have been used in a unique manner. They expressed the need for such schools in Bangladesh.

The second half of the day was dedicated to a lecture on Techno-Entrepreneurship Management delivered by Dr.Vaishali Pardeshi. The day ended with the distribution of certificates at the hands of CA Sunil G. Karve, Hon. Chairman, Governing Board – KET. The Ceremony was graced by Dr Svetlana Tatuskar, Director – KBS and Dr. Sandeep Sawant, Director – KMS. The students returned to Dhaka with a lot to cherish and were grateful for an experience that blended theory and application.