Dayitva: Fulfilling Our Obligation towards Societal Development

At Kohinoor Management School, sustainability is embedded in the programme architecture. Students learn about Sustainability, ESG and their importance. Moreover, under our flagship programme ‘Dayitva’, an idea envisaged by our Hon. Chairman, Governing Board, KET, CA Sunil G Karve, our aim is to create students who own up social responsibility, understand the problems faced by the society, at the grass root level, and try to work out an optimum solution. Against this backdrop, students are involved in experiential learning, through working with companies, as well as NGOs, in the form of surveys and projects. Furthermore, at KMS, we focus more on Sustainable Development Goals related to No Poverty, Zero Hunger, Good Health and Well-Being and Quality Education. We attempt to create an impact around 1.5 kilometres’ radius of the institute’s location. Thus, in association with MedowBrite Enterprises, free sanitary napkins were distributed in the nearby slums, around the institute, by our students. Additionally, a questionnaire was designed by the KMS faculty members and students, in association with MedowBrite Enterprises, to gauge the challenges related to ‘Menstrual Hygiene and Sanitation’. The basic purpose behind this project was also to help students Understand, Analyse, Map, Bridge, Integrate and Implement solutions for varied social issues. In the spirit of the AzadikaAmritMahotsav and utilising the power of the youth of this country, we feel proud to have taken a step towards giving India freedom from pressing social concerns.