Social Enhancement - DIU Students

KET’s Schools of Management (KBS-KMS) hosted the students from Daffodil International University, Dhaka, for a week-long Holistic Engagement and Development programme (HEAD). The DIU students were given the opportunity to embark on a wonderful journey of discovery and growth. The week was packed with diverse student enhancement activities:

Thought-provoking discussions with Hon. Chairman, Governing Board, CA Sunil G. Karve, KET, language games, Dynamic activities to boost expression, A session on Knowing Yourself, Importance of Reading, Valuable insights from a session on life lessons, human library session: themed ‘Filmy Karvaan’, creativity and innovation, fitness and sports, sustainability practices at KET and a session on improving one’s focus.

The DIU Students also visited White Rivers Media, Samarth Bharat Vyaaspeeth’s Signal Shala and Project Revitalisation, Anant Khushiyaan Foundation, NaMo Garden, Upvan Lake, Atal Setu and the Gateway of India.

This programme not only enriched the students but also strengthened our international ties, reinforcing our commitment to fostering global connections and sustainable practices. We look forward to more such impactful exchange programmes!